Can Fear Be Your Ticket to Growth? You Bet.

Don't tell anyone, but I was really scared.

It's a pretty straightforward procedure, not without risks by any means but one that many people suffering from atrial fibrillation choose to undergo. It's called electrical cardioversion, a process of shocking the heart back into normal sinus rhythm, and I was having none of it. No way! I decided in all my wisdom and profound knowingness that after a five-day hospital stay, I would remain in active afib, as well as active misery, for another 46 days.

That was bright, wasn't it?

But I was scared.

So I resisted.

And resisted. 

And all the while I had this nagging feeling that...

Responsibility: Take It. And Please, Don't Shift It.

Have you noticed lately that people aren't taking responsibility? There seems to be a huge lack of accountability out there, and it's bugging me.

And what bugs me even more is when those same people shift all that responsibility they aren't taking onto other people. Now that really gets my goat (one of my mom's favorite expressions that I never dreamed I'd use, but I am, and that's bugging me, too).

Anyway, I'm here to suggest that we all stop making excuses, that we...